Reflections from
Addis Ababa Education Bureau
Experts Thinking Schools Training

Addis Ababa Education Bureau expert Sheferaw Teklegiorgis shares his reflections on the five day Thinking Schools training held recently in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

“The training was so exceptional…

Training is a means to do something… so it can be scaled up…

This implementation needs great commitment… the Minister of Education as already taken steps… the student grouping one to five (already in place) is the best way to coin this Thinking Schools approach… we have an opportunity…

The teachers are the main actors of implementation…”
Sheferaw Tgiorsis
Addis Ababa Education Bureau Expert

More reflections and video clips from the most recent training will be posted in upcoming Thinking Schools Ethiopia blogs.

Growing Thinking Schools Training
Addis Ababa Education Bureau Experts Team
Addis Ababa Ethiopia • 27-31 August 2012

The Addis Ababa Education Bureau (300+ government schools in Addis) Expert Team recently completed five days of training facilitated by Robert Price (Thinking Schools International Global Trainer) and Atsede Tsehayou (Thinking Schools Ethiopia Coordinator). The five day training included:

  • Growing Thinking Schools 2 day training;
  • Growing Thinking Schools – introduction to Facilitators Training for Growing Thinking Schools;
  • Introduction to Thinking Maps® training;
  • Visioning for implementation of Growing Thinking Schools with Addis Ababa Education Bureau: initially with sixty schools, then the whole school system.

In addition to the Experts, the Head of Addis Ababa Education Bureau Ato Dilamo Otore Ferenje shared his vision on the importance of Thinking Schools Ethiopia during the sessions.

Other participating guests included Kebour Ghenna, Executive Director of Initiative Africa; David Makonnen, International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia; Ermias Eshetu, Marketing Director Zemen Bank and others.

All guides are translated to Amharic for the Addis Ababa Education Bureau collaboration with Thinking Schools Ethiopia. The entire session was video taped as a model for use as training tapes for participants to continue their professional development. The next sessions, for the first sixty schools, will be video taped in both English and Amharic.

Growing Thinking Schools Guide – Amharic Edition 

Photographs from the training with Addis Ababa Education Bureau Experts
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