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The Thinking Schools Ethiopia training sessions listed below include

Growing Thinking Schools training; Leadership workshops and sessions that are part of the TSE six starting points methodologies including:

  1. Reflective Questioning high quality questioning and listening skills

  2. Thinking Skills explicit use of cognitive processes

  3. Visual Mapping the use of visual tools to map out ideas

  4. Collaborative Networking between us in pairs, groups, schools, and global networks that includes collaborative learning; collegial coaching; regional and global collaborations. Examples include collaborative learning, collegial coaching, professional learning communities, parent involvement.
  5. Developing Dispositions characteristics, dispositions, and habits of mind are engaged

  6. Structuring Environment considering how the physical space is organize and resources used

The sessions are all participatory centered mirroring the student centered approach of Thinking Schools Ethiopia. The training includes certification within all the specific areas upon completing the training and any related course work. For further details about the workshops and/or having your school or NGO organization participate, please contact the Thinking Schools Ethiopia coordinator Atsede Tsehayou. Go to the contact page in the menu for further information.

Thinking Schools Ethiopia Introduction
Saturdays at Eminence Social Entrepreneurs – please contact TSE coordinator Atsede Tsehayou to reserve space at an upcoming Introduction to Thinking Schools Ethiopia workshop. Click on the contacts page in the menu for Atsede’s contact information.

Growing Thinking Schools Inside Out
Training for leadership teams of 4-6 people from each school/organization. The two day training is a hands-on experience with the Thinking Schools approach including developing a plan for implementation. The training includes using the Growing Thinking Schools guide co-authored by David Hyerle and Robert Price. Contact Atsede Tsehayou for further information on the trainings and upcoming training sessions.

Thinking Maps®
A four day participant centered training divided into two 2-day sessions. Thinking Maps are a visual tools language that are supported with extensive research globally. The full four day sessions include materials and certification upon completing the sessions. For more information contact Atsede Tsehayou at Thinking Schools Ethiopia.
Research: go to the Thinking Foundation website.

Cooperative Learning
A two day participant centered workshop on cooperative learning methodologies. The two day session includes many practical methods of cooperative learning for the classroom and school staffs. For more information contact Bereket Aweke at Thinking Schools Ethiopia.

Leadership Training
Learn Growing Thinking Schools methodologies for leading the staff, community and students. This collaborative workshop provides practical methods learning with fellow leadership professionals.

Habits of Mind
A two day training learning Habits of Mind (dispositions).

Structuring Environment
A two day participatory centered training on learning methods for structuring the environment including guided learning with materials around us…

Reflective Questioning
A two day participatory centered training on Reflective Questioning techniques and methodologies.

Growing Thinking Organizations
A participatory centered workshop for NGOs and business organizations for leading your staff.

Go to Recent Trainings in the Thinking Schools Ethiopia (TSE) Community.

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  1. Is Training opportunities are open for private school leaders,head teachers and other school staffs.

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