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Thinking Schools Ethiopia

From the Eminence Magazine article on Thinking Schools Ethiopia:

“It goes without say1ng that in-service training plays tho role of enhancing teachers’ competence of effectively imparting lessons. The training, in my view, did constitute an enlightening and capacitating workshop as far as teachers’ roles in facilitating and suiting students’ learning. It bore the idea that enlisting students brains to learn of their physical and social environment by its’ own has in the long run the advantage of shaping independent learning at one’s own pace – their intellectual capacity. It generally is a shift towards making education students’ responsibility.”
Dagim Melese – Thinking Schools Ethiopia Trainer

I really think that Thinking maps make a big difference in my life because before Ireally didn’t read my books much because it takes too much time to understand, but now I am interested to open my exercise books make Thinking Maps to actually study and know what I am reading. We can be independent and learn by ourselves, because Thinking Maps are our teachers. They make everything easy so that we can read and remember — it makes you visualize things. Thinking Maps capture our thinking in our mind.
Hannan Abdulfetah, Grade 9 Student

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