A Visit to Falcon Academy

posted by Bereket Aweke
On March 11, 2011 I (Bereket Aweke) visited Falcon Academy, a school with two Branches in Addis Ababa and more than 2500 students from Pre K – College Preparatory. The school is one of the many schools who took part in the October, 2010 professional development training. The training was part of the ongoing effort to familiarize Ethiopian schools to Thinking Schools Approach by Thinking Schools Ethiopia.  After the brief moment I had with the school CEO Mr. Dereje, he decided to bring his all staff to the one day professional training organized at Children’s Home Academy. The intent of my visit this time was to see how much is acquired from that one day training on Introduction to Thinking Schools Approach.

Mr. Dereje was very welcome to give me a tour of his school and facilitate a discussion with administrators and team leaders. I was very fascinated by the depth of our discussion on how to improve our schools, further trainings and other bilateral assistants. Watch below the interview with Mr. Addis English teacher, demonstration by a student as well as student’s comments.

“…I have started up using Thinking Maps…managing my own classrooms…now every single individual in my classroom is very much engaged in what we try to do…this has become a two way communication…” Mr. Addis – English Teacher




“…need to come up with a better teaching learning process [for students and adults a learner centered approach]…”

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