Addis Ababa Education Bureau
Experts Training
27 August—1 September 2012

The Addis Ababa Education Bureau (AAEB) collaboration with  Growing Thinking Schools Ethiopia continues with the training of the whole AAEB experts team. Twelve members of the AAEB experts team previously participated in a Growing Thinking Schools training earlier this year. The training of the experts will be then followed by the training of leadership teams from 60 pilot schools in September. This will be followed by whole school Thinking Schools training with the pilot schools at their school sites. The training includes the Growing Thinking Schools training followed by specific support trainings.

PHASE 1:  from 2009 —2011 over 2000 Ethiopian educators have been through multiple day Thinking Schools Ethiopia training in Addis Ababa and Hosanna Ethiopia. Many of the sessions are documented in the blog.

PHASE 2:  from August 2012—December 2012 the AAEB expert team and 60 schools will be part of the initial pilot project. They will all receive Growing Thinking Schools Ethiopia training.

PHASE 3:  from January 2013—July 2015 the project will expand to the whole AAEB school system. Concurrently there will be projects with rural regions and collaborations with children / youth organizations.

For more information on the upcoming training please contact TSI Global Trainer Robert Price or  Atsede Tsehayou. Contact information may be found clicking on ‘contact’ in the menu.

Thinking Schools Ethiopia demonstration in Addis Ababa Education Bureau Government School.

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