Thinking Maps: A Language for Whole School Change

Thinking Maps are a key component of Thinking Schools Ethiopia. Thinking Maps Incorporated is kindly providing in-kind support of Thinking Maps in professional development within Ethiopia under the guidance of Robert Price who is a Trainer of Trainers. With Addis Ababa Education Bureau implementation of Thinking Schools Ethiopia starting, along with collaborations including concurrent rural projects, it timely to share more on visual mapping. Recently a school in Northern Ireland captured superbly on video – including the principal, teacher and students – how this whole school language is effectively changing and growing the school:

Thinking Maps and Directing Thinking
Whole School Implementation 

St MacNissi Primary School
Glengormley, Northern Ireland

In this ESaGS TV program video above, you will visit St MacNissi’s Primary School in Glengormley, and hear from the principal, the Thinking Skills co-ordinator and the pupils as to how Thinking Maps are being used as one aspect of the school’s focus on developing and directing pupil thinking.
St MacNissi’s PS Inspection Report (pdf file) 

“children were involved in the development of learning intentions and success criteria… having developed that culture of children having a voice in their learning… a tool to use to develop… Thinking Maps a natural progression…”

Cognitive thinking is universal – and Thinking Maps representing how we think is a universal language. From here in Ethiopia to the above example in Northern Ireland to Thinking Schools International global collaborations including projects in Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Norway, Brazil and more.

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