Thinking Schools Shire Tigray Ethiopia
Stage 1: School Leadership Teams Training
14-15 April 2015

Thinking Schools Shire Tigray Ethiopia Read more about Shire

Stage 1 Leadership Teams for Shire Cluster Model Schools
The Stage 1 trainings for Leadership Teams (8 principals and lead teachers from each school) of the 36 model schools began in Shire Tigray Ethiopia on the 14-15 April 2015. The trainings were facilitated by Thinking Schools Ethiopia Lead Trainers Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese, and Thinking Schools International Global Trainer Robert Price. The 9 schools in Shire are part of the 36 model schools with the Tigray project. There are 12 Woredas participating with 2 primary and 1 secondary schools from each of the Woredas for a total of 36 model schools.

The schedule of the trainings is:

Group Zone Number of Woreda  in the group Number of schools Number of participants
One /Shire West 1 3 21
North West 2 6 42
Total 3 9 63
Two/Aksum Central 3 9 63
Total 4 9 63
Three/ Wukro Eastern 2 6 42
South West 1 3 21
Mekelle 1 3 21
South 2 6 42
Total 6 18 126
cluster supervisor 12
cluster supervisor 36
Total participants 262


Stage 2 Whole Schools
Trainings will be whole school trainings facilitated by the leadership teams and a Thinking Schools Ethiopia lead trainer.

Stage 3 Site Visits
This will be followed by regular site visits by Thinking Schools Ethiopia trainers to facilitate professional development and model best practices with demonstration lessons with students.

Video for Reflective Practices, Models of Excellence, Action Research
Video will also be used to capture models of excellence by teachers to share between the 36 model schools.

Trainer of Trainers
Thinking Schools Ethiopia trainers will be trained from Tigray Education Bureau, model schools and Tigray Development Association to assure ongoing growth and the sustainability of Thinking Schools Ethiopia in collaboration with TDA.

Universities and Accreditation
Universities will provide accreditation of Thinking Schools as a reflective practice while building a body of action research to learn and grow the Thinking Schools model. In the Tigray region Mekelle and Aksum Universities will be collaborative partners.
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Read the Proposal for the collaboration with Tigray Development Association, Thinking Schools Ethiopia, Thinking Schools International and Initiative Africa (administering the grant).
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Read the Thinking Schools Accreditation Process.
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Reflections from the participants on video — in Tigrinya – English translation coming soon…