Thinking Schools Shire Tigray Ethiopia Professional Development
Whole Schools Training
22-23 October 2015

P1140176By Dagim Melese
Thinking Schools Ethiopia Lead Country Trainer
Professional Development conducted in Wukro, Tigray, Ethiopia on the 12-15 October 2015

Whole staff training for schools in Shira began with community building exercises guided by the ToT trainers of Shire. The 250 educators were effectively lead and coordinated by the ToT trainers throughout the two days training that focused on introduction and expert use of Thinking Maps with frame of reference.  The trainees worked on Personal P1140076Frames of reference which spoke powerfully on the need for assessment of students’ prior knowledge and teachers being informed about background information of each and every single student they teach. Use of context circle with a frame of reference helped the trainees realize the importance of knowing the school context they come from. The use of Thinking Maps for general contents and subject specific themes was exercised under the leadership of the TOT trainers.

P1140293A very important component of Shire’s two days training was a demonstration lesson conducted by a TSI Global trainer, Robert Seth Price. All educators were required to observe the lesson as it takes place and record their questions and observations about it. Fifth graders were brought in from a Catholic Primary School Called Donboxo where the training was conducted. The students studied about water with Robert Seth Price using a Circle Map with a Frame of Reference, community building methods and collaborative learning strategies. Questions and Comments about the different aspects of the lesson led to deep discussions P1140164and reflections. Similarly , the two days training have had all the educators with their plan of whole school implementation of Thinking Schools and Thinking Maps along with collaborative learning methods in their schools .

In all the trainings a remarkable feature has been female educators with their young children in the training halls while exhibiting strong commitment and active and competent participation in group works .