Thinking Schools Ethiopia to support Initiative Africa Project

Thinking Schools Ethiopia (Eminence Social Entrepreneurs) in collaboration with Initiative Africa has organized a two day training on thinking methodologies, reading and spelling. The training will be conducted from June 15-16, 2013 at the 4 kilo Sports and Education Center. Participants are thirty school leaders and six education Bureau officers from selected schools in Addis Ababa, Kolfe Keraniyo and Gullele sub-cities, Boset Woreda, East Shewa, Oromia and Angolela Tera Woreda, North Shewa, Amhara regions.


  • Connecting the All Children Reading Initiative with Growing Thinking Schools Ethiopia Approach for a Sustainable Initiative.


  • Multi-directional development is a belief system and model where all participants recognize their own capacity for aiding the others globally: ideas and innovation originate within and across all places globally.
  • Whole systems change involves ‘whole schools’ in implementation including all students, staff, teachers, administration and parents.
  • People must have an understanding, ‘buy-in’, and develop mastery of methods for change to root and become imbedded in the process of change.


Thinking Schools Ethiopia is a 21st century sustainable model developing educators and children who are innovative thinkers through:

  • whole school training with methodologies – a systems approach
  • training leadership team as leaders using and modeling methodologies to be the leaders and guides
  • creating models of excellence using methodologies that are research based, examples of success in the field and create models of excellence to build upon
  • creating new innovative patterns – the brain seeks patterns and to change how we teach children to be lifelong thinkers starts with the leadership and educators
  • Methods/tools that are lifelong learning tools; across all disciplines; involve and used by all levels of the community within the school and outside the school from students to adults. Reflective Questioning; Visual Tools; Collaborative Networking/Learning; Structuring Environment; Developing Dispositions; Thinking Skills
  • Collaborative training model for developing highly qualified Ethiopian facilitators/trainers
  • Ongoing Action Research
  • Criteria for achieving ‘Thinking Schools’ accreditation
  • Sustainable design

Initiative Africa:

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