Learners as Thinkers

How do we directly improve students’ abilities to think?

The thinkabout blog by Thinking Foundation founder David Hyerle (and creator of Thinking Maps) digs into the big picture transformations of global education trends while focused on learners as thinkers… especially in Ethiopia, South Africa, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Lithuania, Norway and Northern Ireland, the UK and US and many other places where Thinking Schools are growing from the inside out.  How do we “educate” children as they take on the role of “student”?  How do we explicitly nurture thoughtful, mindful “students” who then take on the role of “adult” as they stand for gate-keeping exams (or drop out) and enter their own life of decision making?

Read the complete blog posting including video clips with students reflections on their thinking and improved learning. Go to the Thinking Foundation website to read David Hyerle’s blog posting.

David Hyerle’s blog may also be accessed on the Thinking Schools International website at

Minds of Mississipppi
The Pass Christian Public Schools received a grant from Thinking Foundation to document their incredible story. The story of “The Pass” began before the hurricane Katrina, continued as their whole community was “wiped off the map” in 2005, and has been sustained at the highest levels (2013) by staying focused on the map for improving students’ thinking. Thinking Foundation proudly presents the recently premiered film Minds of Mississippi. Watch the trailer of the  “made for TV” documentary on the Thinking Foundation website.

Thinking Foundation——Thinking IS the Foundation for Learning
The mission of the non-profit Thinking Foundation is to support high quality research on cognitive skills development, creativity, and critical reflection—at pre-school, K-12 and college levels in order to transform learning, literacy, teaching and leadership around the world for those with the greatest need.

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