Thinking Schools Wukro Tigray Ethiopia
Stage 1: School Leadership Teams Training
20-21 April 2015


Stage 1 Leadership Teams for Wukro Cluster Model Schools
map_of_ethiopiaThe Stage 1 trainings for Leadership Teams (8 principals and lead teachers from each school) of the 36 model schools held training in Wukro Tigray Ethiopia on the 20-21 April 2015. The trainings were facilitated by Thinking Schools Ethiopia Lead Trainer Dagim Melese and Thinking Schools International Global Trainer Robert Price. The Thinking Schools Tigray project director Tesfay Nassr Mohammed coordinated and collaborated on the training. The 18 schools in the Wukro and Mekelle regions are part of the 36 model schools with the Tigray project. There are 12 Woredas participating with 2 primary and 1 secondary schools from each of the Woredas for a total of 36 model schools.
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Photo Below:  Commonalities community building exercise
at the 18-19 April 2015 Thinking Schools Ethiopia training in Axum.


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