Thinking Design
Patient Centered Healthcare Model
Ambassador Bole Hotel – Addis Ababa

img_3661A training for Thinking Design facilitated by Robert Price in collaboration with Seble Hailu, and coordinated by Aha Psychological Services was held at the Bole Ambassador Hotel on the 25 April 2015. Participants were from the mental health field, NGOs, education, and universities.

Thinking Design is a systems approach that uses practical research based methods to assure a healthy organization that supports and grows effective communication with and between leadership and the whole organization.  It uses tools that smartly communicate ideas within and outside organization to create collaborations.  It honors and understands the abilities and gifts of all members of an organization.

Thinking Design training uses the Thinking Design research based methods that include:

  • Visual Tools (Thinking Maps) – the use of visual tools to map out ideas;
  • Questioning for Inquiry – high quality questioning and shared inquiry;
  • Collaborative Networking – collaborative thinking; collegial coaching & community building methods;
  • Developing Dispositions – characteristics, dispositions, habits of mind;
  • Designing a Thinking Environment — how the physical space is organized & resources are used.

Thinking Design methods are lifelong skills used for problem solving individually and collaboratively in the whole organization including leaders, professional and staff members.

To live fulfilling lives, people will need to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to shape the lives they can imagine for themselves and their families. The thinking tools are instrumental in knowing oneself, connecting with others, and exploring pathways of successful collaborations supporting a healthy and success organization.

The training has multiple sequential stages: Introduction for learning, practice for mastery and mastery.


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