Thinking Schools Aksum Tigray Ethiopia Professional Development
Whole Schools Training
19-20 October 2015

P1130810By Dagim Melese
Thinking Schools Ethiopia Lead Country Trainer
Professional Development conducted in Wukro, Tigray, Ethiopia on the 12-15 October 2015

The training in Aksum was also successfully carried out with the ToT Trainers playing leading roles. About 250 participants took part in the training . The ToT Trainers led community building exercises, modeled each of the activities to their groups, and enabled effective communication between TSI and TSE trainers and all the teachers. Reflective discussions P1130809on the meaning of Personal Frames of Reference, Context Circles, and exercising the use of Thinking Maps were important elements of the training. Collaborative Learning strategies were being used with questioning techniques along with exercising the use of thinking maps for general contents and academic relevant themes. Planning steps of whole school implementation of thinking maps and teachers’ comments on Student guides (guides meant for exercising use of Thinking Maps for students in all the schools )took place at the ends of the training in Aksum.

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