Meri Primary School
Students Sharing and Organizing
Collaboratively with Thinking Maps

Article and Photos by Dagim Melese and Atsede TsehayouP1110825

The photos and video show students of Meri Primary School using  Thinking Maps to explore different topics (generating, discussing, clarifying, sharing perspectives on and organizing information and ideas) in a project that is aimed at summarizing contents (General Science) taught in a semester for 3rd Graders.


This happened after a daylong refreshment training facilitated on class room use of Thinking Maps as tools for supporting collaborative groups’ learning in actual class rooms of the Addis Ababa Education Bureau school system (300+ large schools).


The work on the Thinking Maps were led by lead students showing how effective
earning could be when it happens with lead students playing active roles facilitating the generation, discussion, elaboration, and organization of information and ideas.


Such a model of collaborative learning groups is in accordance with the bureaus’ model of students centered 1:5 collaborative learning groups model in which a lead student facilitates, directs and takes care of the management of the groups work. With all students playing active role surfacing information and knowledge from their respective backgrounds /perspectives equally, the model, implemented regularly, progressively and creatively, could bring about all the desired students’ outcomes.


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