Atsede Teshayou

Atsede Teshayou is the Thinking Schools Ethiopia Program Coordinator. Her collaboration began six years ago collaborating initially with the grass roots implementation with Robert Seth Price. Currently Thinking Schools Ethiopia is a collaboration with Thinking Foundation. Previously she has been a program coordinator at Eminence Social Entrepreneurs, an assistant lecturer at New Millennium College, SOS Herman Geminier school as civic and geography teacher and as  a social studies teacher at Children’s home Academy and Maya International School.

Atsede took her BA in Geography and environmental studies from Jimma University. Graduate School of Education from Addis Ababa University, where she received her masters in geography and environmental education in 2011. She has worked with a number of private schools, NGOs, and different organizations in her teaching endeavors. Her teaching interests and experience include the areas of professional development training, coaching, and tutoring students at different levels. She has also given trainings extensively on comparative and developmental education topics with an emphasis on higher order thinking levels.


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