Collaborative Networking Starts Locally…

posted by Robert Price
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
January 2010

Collaborative Networking is a key element of Thinking Schools. Collaborative includes: cooperative learning; collegial coaching; community building; connections regionally and globally… Thoughtful exercises that build an understanding of one another, a collaborative spirit amongst the group and stimulate a collective support of one another is important. And why I believe such exercises should be a regular part of gatherings: for fun; for understanding; for growth; for students and educators and community people. The video clips (1-community building exercises; 2-reflections on community building exercises) below shares the use of community building exercises that are an important part of the professional development (so we learn deeper with one another) as well as for use in the classroom with students.

Who are community building exercises for?

 Reflections by educators on doing community building exercises…