Tigray Ethiopia: Thinking Schools
Aksum: Seka School

tigray-axum-seka-school2by Tsehaye Hagos
Tigray Seka Elementary School
Thinking Schools Ethiopia Trainer of Trainer
The photos above and below are from Seka Elementary School in the Aksum region in Tigray Ethiopia. Seka Elementary School is one of 37 model laboratory schools part of the Thinking Schools Ethiopia Tigray project.

First we are given some training about the Thinking Schools Ethiopia training. After that these photos of students are when the teacher teaches for the students about the topic in the English subject. The students are learning one topic about TENSE using the map of Circle Map in tigray-axum-seka-school6English subject. The teachers use Circle Maps and Flow Maps and other Thinking Maps in Seka Full Elementary School. The other Thinking Maps are being regularly used in our whole school. We have been starting grades 1-8 especially with math & English subjects.

The school recently participated in both the Trainer of Trainers professional development and the whole school training with the Trainer of Trainers under the guidance of Thinking Schools International Global Trainer Robert Seth Price and the Thinking Schools Ethiopia County Trainers Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese. Thinking Schools Ethiopia – Tigray is a collaboration of Tigray Development Association and Thinking Foundation for 37 model schools in 12 Woredas located in all  7 zonal administrations with funding administered by Initiative Africa for a Girl’s Empowerment Whole School Change grant from Sida (Swedish Development Agency) that began as a grass roots project by Robert Seth Price along with lead country trainers Atsede Tsehayou and Dagim Melese. Read the chapter on Ethiopia in the Corwin Press book Pathways to Thinking Schools.

tigray-axum-seka-school5 tigray-axum-seka-school4
tigray-axum-seka-school2 tigray-axum-seka-school1





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